OpenEE opens the door.

Deploying open source metering to change the world of energy efficiency.

OpenEE is an enterprise software company that has taken the lead on developing the OpenEEmeter. We help utilities, aggregators and programs deploy the OpenEEmeter.

Our guiding principles

No more black-box algorithms.

Openness is so important to us that we carry it in our name. Our goal is to create a generally accepted standard for energy efficiency—one that anyone can see, discuss, validate, modify or poke holes in. It’s time for all of us in the energy efficiency community to get on the same page. The OpenEEmeter core stack is protected by the MIT License, an open source mainstay that allows software to be copied and modified without restriction, as long as the open copyright is maintained.

Multiple third parties have cross-examined our code and methods. Their analyses are available along with the source code link for anyone to closely inspect against public datasets.
Our enterprise products and consulting services help companies seamlessly deploy the OpenEE meter and visualize savings results. Find out more about OpenEE products.
To create consensus, a standard for energy efficiency must be entirely replicable. This means that any two parties using it should always get the same result. This stability allows the standard to be used as the basis of markets, creating predictable cash flows and enticing new investment into the industry.

Traditional efficiency measurement and verification (M&V) was never designed with markets in mind. By adding control groups and ex post facto adjustments to its calculations, M&V makes replicability difficult and creates uncertainty.

The OpenEEmeter solves this problem by rigorously factoring out the replicable, market-ready component of traditional M&V, while maintaining a foundation upon which supplemental M&V methodology can be built.
OpenEE can work with your company to deploy and customize the OpenEEmeter for specialized use-cases. Because the core stack is open source, you can be sure that your results will be consistent and replicable by third parties.
Built with scalability in mind, the OpenEEmeter is battle-hardened and ready to take on on massive amounts of data. Our methodology has been carefully developed to use statistical methods that allow for linear scaling. And because the OpenEEmeter requires only simple inputs--just project date and consumption figures—there’s no need to clean messy program data in order to get valuable results for any efficiency team.
OpenEE’s enterprise products build on the open source base to make data loading seamless and our Periscope dashboard provides customized, client-specific outputs for different users, from high-level overviews for team leaders to more in-depth analytical tools for data specialists.

Our team

Matt Golden

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Golden has been pursuing ways to improve the effectiveness of efficiency programs and drive investment into the industry for years. As the leader of GCBI’s Investor Confidence Project, Matt implements a system that credentials Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ projects in order to reduce transaction costs and develop actuarial data to unlock capital markets for commercial and multifamily retrofit projects.

Matt is also Senior Energy Consultant with the Institute for Building and Technology Safety, one of the leading providers of residential solar quality assurance, providing services in all major solar markets. In his capacity with IBTS, Matt co-led the Solar Quality Initiative which, in partnership with the NREL Solar Access to Public Capital (SAPC) process, produced the first consensus Installation Best Practices Guide. Previously, as the founder of Recurve, Matt developed tablet-based energy auditing software for the residential energy efficiency industry based on real world experience he gained through thousands of energy efficiency audits and retrofits as a licensed California energy efficiency contractor. Recurve was acquired by Tendril Networks in 2012.

Matt Gee

Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer

Matt Gee is an internationally recognized leader in data science and advanced analytics, including applications of smart meter data for improving utility program design, operational efficiency, and measured outcomes. Matt holds positions at the University of Chicago as a Senior Research Fellow and Director of Research for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability at the Center for Data Science and Public Policy and the Urban Center for Computation and Data. He has led pioneering energy data analytics projects focused on prediction, evaluation, and quality assurance with a broad range of utilities (e.g.ComEd, PG&E, and Jamaican Public Services), nonprofit organizations and program implementers (e.g. Elevate Energy, Delta Institute, Environmental Defense Fund), governments (e.g. the State of Illinois, the City of San Francisco, and the City of Chicago), and MFIs (e.g. the World Bank). He has led open source and open science efforts in developing standard methods, including the early development of California's CalTRACK system, a standard set of methods for dynamic evaluation and real-time analysis of energy efficiency programs across all utilities within the state. His work in energy data analytics has been featured in talks at the International Finance Corporation, the Smart Cities Expo, ACEEE, Strata, and other industry-leading conferences and also featured in Forbes, GovTech, and other publications.

McGee Young

Head of Product

McGee Young has experience in both academic (Marquette University Faculty Member) and tech startup (Founder, CEO of H2Oscore and MeterHero) settings. At Marquette University, McGee was a tenured member of the Department of Political Science and the Entrepreneur Faculty Fellow at the Kohler Center for Entrepreneurship. He was named to the 40 under 40 by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2014. As CEO of two startups, McGee pioneered innovative business models to drive behavioral change amongst consumers through data driven insights, including leading the first third-party integration of smart-meter water data to improve customer engagement and drive conservation measures.

McGee holds a PhD in Political Science from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.

Phil Ngo

Senior Software Engineer

Phil began working with the OpenEE team in 2014 and was the chief developer of the open source Python package that would form the basis of the OpenEEmeter. In 2016, he joined the team full-time, where his role grew to include building the OpenEE dashboard analytics backend (data warehouse) among other responsibilities.

An advocate of using science for social good, Phil has always looked for opportunities to use his engineering skills to make a difference in the world. Prior to joining OpenEE, Phil worked as a developer at the Impact Lab, where he built data products for clients in energy efficiency and nonprofit sectors with large data assets, and at Effortless Energy, where he designed and implemented methods to calculate the energy and monetary savings of residential energy efficiency measures, including smart thermostats and envelope retrofits.

Phil has a degree in Chemistry from Harvard University.

Dave Yeager (Yeager)

Senior Developer and Implementation Manager

Yeager joined OpenEE in September 2016 to support the onboarding of the company’s growing customer base. He currently leads the development of OpenEE’s data pipeline, where he works closely with clients to develop seamless back-end systems to clean, sort and upload energy data into the OpenEE meter platform.

Prior to joining OpenEE, Yeager was a Director at BlackRock investment management, where he focused on automation systems for institutional fund clients including approximately a half trillion dollars in order flows per year. His responsibilities also included web design and development for order placement and portfolio analysis products, including the MoneyFund Aggregator transparency project.

A passionate advocate for peer-to-peer knowledge and distributed resources, Yeager looks forward to the eventual release of “Yeagercoin”, a crypto-currency which the team fully expects will exceed the capitalization of Bitcoin by the end of the decade.

He is a graduate of Villanova University.

Tom Plagge

Senior Data Scientist

Tom began working with the OpenEE team in 2015 as part of his work as the co-founder of the Impact Lab, an analytics startup focused on developing an integrated platform for social sector data analytics. In 2017, he joined the team full time to help develop, describe, and test methods and models of energy and weather data to make predictions of future energy usage, specifically helping to develop and simplify the CalTRACK methodology in advance of PG&E’s launch of its first pay-for-performance energy efficiency pilot project.

Tom has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Berkeley. During his academic career, he built millimeter wavelength telescopes, and spent time in Antarctica studying the stars before moving to the Center for Data Science and Public Policy at the University of California.

Vikhyati (Toshi) Singh

Software Engineer

Vikhyati joined OpenEE in 2017. She has helped build the ETL data processing pipeline for new customers, migrated raw energy data to structured data required for machine learning modeling and evaluation, and performed machine learning modeling. Vikhyati also helps build, manage and keep track of new customer deployments as well as upgrading existing customers when new features are released.  

Vikhyati has a strong interest in applying data science engineering to solve social and environmental problems. Previously she worked as a software engineer at the Climate Corporation, where she built a pipeline to fetch, clean and store data and create graphs on Graphana, and as a researcher at the University of Washington, where she applied machine learning algorithms to large health datasets.

Vikhyati is a University of Washington computer science graduate.

Andrew Terenzio

Product Specialist

Andrew joined OpenEE in June of 2017 to work with a growing list of customers and help with the acquisition of new clients. Andrew will also help with the development of business operations as Open Energy Efficiency continues to grow.  

As a passionate sustainability and social activist, Andrew has always sought opportunities to make the world a better place. Before joining OpenEE, Andrew worked as a sales coordinator for Envision Solar, where he sold solar powered, transportable electric vehicle (EV) charging systems. He also has also been awarded grant funding to research socially innovative grocery store business models for food deserts.

Andrew has a degree in Entrepreneurship and Interdisciplinary Global Ecology from Marquette University.

Alyssia Byers

Head of Customer Success

Alyssia joined the OpenEE team in 2017 to lead customer success initiatives including onboarding, training, testing and support for existing and new users.

Prior to joining OpenEE, Alyssia held similar roles for several companies, including as VP of Customer Success for 17hats, where she established extensive training and onboarding programs, as well as leading a 24/7/365 customer support team.  

Alyssia thrives on helping others, a passion she has put to use by teaching computer science students at her local community college.

She graduated first in her class at Humber College, where she studied Computer Engineering.

Hassan Shaban

Data Scientist

Hassan joined OpenEE in summer 2017 to work on the data science core of the OpenEEMeter and to expand its capabilities in the smart device space.

Coming from an engineering background, Hassan has worked on both the supply side and demand side of the energy industry, most recently in energy efficiency program implementation. Prior to that, as an academic, he worked on IoT applications in nuclear power plant safety and monitoring.

Hassan holds a Bachelors degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University and the University of Ottawa, respectively. He enjoys Mediterranean cooking, playing soccer in old-timers’ leagues and is extremely bullish on Yeagercoin.