An open source software platform for calculating energy efficiency.


Clear methods reduce the likelihood of implementation discrepancies and potential confusion over inputs and outputs. Open-source code allows for collaboration and encourages stakeholders to work together to ensure transparency and replicability, laying a foundation for future innovation and deployment across the energy sector.


The OpenEEmeter gets consistent and replicable results by always using the same methods to determine savings--there are no discretionary independent variables that change from calculation to calculation. This means that site level savings will reflect the same underlying methods across programs and implementations.

Using the OpenEEmeter, private companies, utilities, and regulators can calculate savings for building efficiency projects and portfolios with confidence in the methods and replicability of results.

Open source

The core stack of the OpenEEmeter is released under an Apache 2.0 License, which is a permissive free software license. 


The OpenEEmeter requires only project dates, consumption data and a location, and takes care of the rest automatically.


The OpenEEmeter is designed to calculate energy savings over thousands or even millions of projects.

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