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Webinar: "How to Turn Energy Efficiency into a Distributed Energy Resource"

When: Thursday, November 16th 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST 
For: Efficiency regulators, program managers, providers, aggregators, investors and anyone else who is interested in learning about how energy efficiency can be turned into a distributed energy resource.


Energy efficiency represents the lowest-cost and most plentiful resource to help us transition into a low-carbon future. But in order to meet the needs of a renewable grid, the way we do efficiency will need to change.

Join OpenEE CEO Matt Golden as he explains how a new approach to metering and calculating energy efficiency can:

  • Create an open and replicable standard to derive savings;
  • Enable genuine pay-for-performance markets that spur innovation by rewarding contractors for actual results;
  • Drive investment into efficiency by transforming unquantifiable uncertainty into manageable risk;
  • Transform and dramatically simplify the practice of Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) through standard and replicable control groups;
  • Allow utilities to target and procure load-based interventions based on hourly smart-meter data using resource curves.